We Have Distributed Over 50 Million Samples Into the Hands of Consumers

Over the last 20 years, we have distributed over 50 million product samples into the hands of consumers. While some believe in the One Size Fits all model, we are laser focused on building programs that are built from the ground up for our clients. This includes pre-packaged, wet samples, beverage sampling, pre & cook sampling on site and even climate controlled samples to Ice Cream.

Strategically partnered with NFuse 360 Entertainment, we are able to provide brands both comprehensive and cost effective programs as well as full blown 360 experiential marketing strategies.

We can put your product strategically at…

We Specialize in...

Street Teams

Street team marketing is an interactive and effective way to build new relationships with target consumers. It encourages face-to-face engagement, builds brand awareness, and brings a brand or promotion directly to consumers where they work, live and play.

Alcohol Tastings

Let’s face it, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. And while many try, beer, wine and spirit promotions require skill from within. From permits, to certified ABC bartenders, security plans and strict compliance plans, we are experts in amplifying trial and getting liquid to lips.

Campus Marketing

Looking to reach Millennials away at college? Has traditional media left you cold on trying to connect with this elusive consumer? We offer brands a great way to reach students on and off campus. From direct brand to hand combat to providing product samples packed into gift bags and placed safely at university housing, fraternity & sorority housing to off campus partnerships. And through our partnership with NFuse 360 Entertainment, we actively sample as part of game day on The Tailgate Tour.

All of our sampling programs are custom built and 100% Turn-key to include: